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Would you like see your child become a more  confident and effective communicator?

If YES, this program is the right fit.

YOUR VOICE I- will help your child build more confidence, overcome fear, plus improve social and academic interaction.The focus is on comfort and confidence through ongoing practice, support and encouraging peer feedback .

Each speaker will learn the fundamentals of public speaking and social engagement in a fun, interactive and noncompetitive environment . Speakers will also learn how to provide and receive supportive feedback with their peers.

Our limited class size, ensures every voice is nurtured and primed for success. Participants will develop the skills to manage their fear, increase self advocacy, improve social and academic engagement, and share their ideas with confidence and clarity.

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Do you have a budding speaker who is ready to elevate their presentation skills?

If YES, this program is the right fit.

Your Voice II- Level Up is for speakers who are ready to hone their skills at the next level.

Speakers who are comfortable with the fundamental techniques of public speaking, will now discover their voice and authentic expression. Participants will learn how to refine your thinking, craft your message, speak with passion and enhance your delivery style. Participants will also learn how to skillfully provide and receive constructive feedback.

Each speaker will develop the skills to confidently handle secondary school and job Interviews, articulate clear and concise thoughts and become a more natural and engaging communicator.