Drop-In Small Group Coaching

Here we have fun, developing effective communicators, life skills and character through our interactive small group coaching programs and culture.

Our Flexible Drop In Sessions allow you to choose the schedule that works best.

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How It Works

Our goal is to enhance your child’s public speaking skills, build confidence and overall academic and social success.

Along with working through our sessions, speakers will also have opportunities to share current class presentations for positive peer feedback.

Step 1 : Assessments: We meet briefly to identify your child’s needs, allowing us to meet them where they are and take them where they need to go. These assessments continue throughout their coaching sessions to ensure progress .

Step 2 : The Right Fit: We then decide the program that would most benefit your child. In a fun, interactive and noncompetitive environment our small group sessions provide the coaching support needed to succeed at each stage.

Programs: Your Voice I ( Beginners-Intermediate) Your Voice II (Intermediate-Advanced) Program Descriptions Here.

Step 3: Reservations Required: Each week choose the day you would like to Drop In. Due to limited group size, we encourage you to reserve your space in advance. (See Schedule & Rates Below)

Step 4 : Expert coaching, continuous practice and support We understand that the ability of a child to organize, advocate, and effectively share their thoughts is key to academic and social success.Our limited group size model ensures that every voice is nurtured and primed for success.

“My 9th grade daughter learned how to refine her thinking, communicate her ideas more clearly – both in writing and verbally – and go into the debates with confidence and clarity.” Terri- Summit NJ Parent

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Daily Drop In Rate $65

Additional Sibling 10%off

Save with Bundles:

5 Drop In Sessions $292.50 10% Off. Save $32

10 Drop in Sessions $552.50 $15% Off. Save $97

(All Drop In reservations must be reserved Monday of the week PRIOR to your child attending.)

For questions please call 973-841-7181 or email yourvoiceteen@gmail.com