5 Reasons to Focus on Public Speaking this Summer!

Whether they competed in public speaking in school or this is their first time speaking in front of an audience, having the opportunity to actively practice communication skills and receive professional feedback will help your child become a better overall communicator

A student who is good at communicating verbally will find it easier to produce written assignments, school presentations, class discussions, oral exams and posses a key skill for an interview when applying to a secondary school.

Give your child an edge this summer. Help them to discover HOW to :

1. Share their thoughts clearly.

2. Passionately express their unique voice.

3. Enhance their Leadership Skills.

4. Address their Fear.

5, Kick off the School Year with Confidence!

“Mrs. Aromire has really helped me build confidence in my public speaking and presentation skills. With her help and guidance I was able to advance to the National Finals in Orlando.” - Chineme, High school student

Programs currently held at Dance Arts Academy 304 Wootton St. Boonton, NJ 07005